Hawthorn & Child

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Keith Ridgway

The only certainty is that we've all misunderstood everything

Hawthorn & Child are mid-ranking detectives tasked with finding significance in the scattered facts. They appear and disappear in the fragments of this book along with a ghost car, a crime boss, a pick-pocket, a dead racing driver and a pack of wolves. The mysteries are everywhere, but the biggest of all is our mysterious compulsion to solve them.

Read an excerpt of Hawthorn & Child published by Granta Books.

More Praise…

Hawthorn & Child has all the moody stuff of the detective genre, but no suspects, no clues, no resolution. The novel becomes an impressionistic portrait of the London they see. ”

London Review of Books

“Brilliantly well done–alive, funny, and deeply troubled. ”

The Irish Times

“There is a dreamlike quality to Hawthorn & Child’s sense of causality and connection. The detectives do not solve anything, and the book’s mystery is not the crime with which it begins but the lives that hold it together. It is not the closing of any case that preoccupies the book but the perpetual openness and irresolution of all cases, all identities. That is its punch, its poetry.”

— Andrew Fox, The Daily Beast

“Ridgway's book is successfully thought-provoking and haunting.”

Publishers Weekly

“This is a mystery novel unlike any you've ever read. Its strangeness is reminiscent of Beckett's work, and Ridgway is a masterful storyteller.”

Largehearted Boy

“An admirably conceived work of fiction.”

The Times Literary Supplement

“An idiosyncratic and fascinating novel... refreshingly contemporary in language and style. ”

— Zadie Smith

“Breathtakingly unpredictable and unapologetically strange. And the writing is perfectly assured and elegant.”

— Ian Rankin, The Guardian

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