Lands of Memory

Stories, Fiction

Felisberto Hernández
translated by Esther Allen

Now in paperback, a superb fiction collection by the great Uruguayan writer: "If I hadn't read the stories of Felisberto Hernández in 1950, I wouldn't be the writer I am today." – Gabriel García Márquez

Lands of Memory presents a half-dozen wonderful works by Felisberto Hernandez: "A writer like no other," Italo Calvino declared, "like no European or Latin American. He is an 'irregular,' who eludes all classification and labels - yet he is unmistakable on any page to which one might randomly open one of his books." Named a Guardian Best Book of the Year by Alfred Brendel and A TLS Best Book of the Year by Michael Hofmann (who calls Felisberto "a loopier, vegetarian Kafka, inhabiting his mazy personal baroque"), Lands of Memory collects four astonishing stories and the two dreamlike novellas, "Around the Time of Clemente Colling" and "Lands of Memory."

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“Hernández’s wispy, impish rhetoric may charm you or leave you scratching your head in wonderment. But his uniquely personal, willfully elusive stories are very much worth reading.”

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