Robert Walser
translated by Susan Bernofsky

Contributors: Walter Benjamin

W. G. Sebald called Robert Walser "a clairvoyant of the small," and nowhere is the phrase more apt than in his "microscripts."


More Praise…

“Walser has in recent years regained some of the status he enjoyed in the 1920s. Instead of Kafka and Benjamin, we have Sebald and Lydia Davis championing him. But we still don't know where we stand with him. Are we dealing with pure literature,the vagaries of the everyday, jokes, or empty fancies? The writing is radical and elegant enough to encompass all these possibilities and many more. Is it the stuff of life? Perhaps. ”

The Times Literary Supplement

“A clairvoyant of the small.”

— W.G. Sebald

“The incredible shrinking writer is a major twentieth-century prose artist who, for all that the modern world seems to have passed him by, fulfills the modern criterion: he sounds like nobody else.”

— Benjamin Kunkel, The New Yorker