The Passion According to G.H.


Clarice Lispector
translated by Idra Novey

Edited by Benjamin Moser

The Passion According to G.H., Clarice Lispector’s mystical novel of 1964, concerns a well-to-do Rio sculptress, G.H., who enters her maid’s room, sees a cockroach crawling out of the wardrobe, and, panicking, slams the door — crushing the cockroach — and then watches it die. At the end of the novel, at the height of a spiritual crisis, comes the most famous and most genuinely shocking scene in brazilian literature…


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More Praise…

“Her images dazzle even when her meaning is most obscure, and when she is writing of what she despises she is lucidity itself. ”

The Times Literary Supplement

“Lispector's prose is unforgettable... still startling by the end because of Lispector's unsettling forcefulness. ”

The Boston Globe

“It is Lispector's attempt — successful, I would say — to sacralize one of the vilest quantities in the Western world. ”

— Scott Esposito, Barnes & Noble Review

“Her novels, and G.H. in particular, are filled with a sense of longing and desperation – a yawning desire for meaning itself. ”

— Sarah Gerard, BOMB

“Over time, I’ve come to admire and even love this novel. In fact, as soon as I slammed the book shut, my understanding of G.H.’s story began to take on an almost-corporeal reality. ”

— Emma Komlos-Hrobsky, Tin House