The Poems of Octavio Paz


Octavio Paz
translated by Eliot Weinberger

The definitive, life spanning, bilingual edition of the poems by the Nobel Prize-winner

At last here is the first retrospective collection of Paz's poetry to span his entire writing career, from his first published poem at age seventeen to his magnificent last poem. The whole is assiduously edited and translated by Eliot Weinberger – who has been translating Paz for over forty years – with additional translations by several poet-luminaries. This edition includes many poems that have never before been translated into English, new translations based on Paz's final revisions, as well as a brilliant capsule biography of Paz penned by Weinberger. Above all it demonstrates a life wholly devoted to poetry, a pursuit Paz deemed to be "the secret religion of the modern age."

More Praise…

“Readers will marvel at Paz's variety: haiku-like miniatures; the tempestuous book-length poem 'Sunstone'; fast-moving prose poems; abstract odes; extended descriptions of places in Mexico, India, Afghanistan, and Japan.”

“The pleasure of this volume is the consistent, almost gentle voice that lays out for the reader Paz's convictions and questions. 'Gentle' though should not indicate easy of peaceful or unquestioning. Paz raises his anxieties, doubts, and disruptions. Rather it is the artfulness with which he does so that carries the reader along.”

“That rarity, an authoritative translation that should get sustained U.S. attention, and that often sounds right read aloud.”

Publishers Weekly

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