Your Face Tomorrow Vol. 3: Poison, Shadow, & Farewell


Javier Marías
translated by Margaret Jull Costa

The triumphant conclusion of Javier Marias's masterpiece Your Face Tomorrow is at last available as a paperback.

A spectacular finale, Poison, Shadow and Farewell brings to a close Javier Marías's daring, unfolding three-part novel Your Face Tomorrow. Marías's magnum opus has already been acclaimed "exquisite" (Publishers Weekly), "gorgeous" (Kirkus), and "outstanding: another work of urgent originality" (London Independent). With its heightened tensions between meditations and noir narrative, Poison, Shadow and Farewell takes our hero, Jacques Deza––hired by a shady branch of M16 as a person of perception––back to Madrid to spy on and try to protect his own family, as he plunges into new depths of love and loss.